1. Question-  How far in advance In need to book a party? 

A- We booked up quicker in the winter months with parties, Summer and Spring our bounce houses book quicker. We recommend putting a down a  non refundable deposit to secure time and date.


2. Question - What food and drinks  can I bring to my child birthday party.

A- Parents can bring whatever food and drinks you would like, Please keep in mind that your party is schedule and it very important that we will able to clean up room for next party. We do recommend pizza and if you would like to  bring ice cream please bring individual cups of ice cream. 


3. Question- How early do I need to come to my  schedule party or to come to decorate.

Answer- Our guest don't have to arrive no more than 5 mins prior to birthday schedule time. If your have party supplies that you would like to be set-up, please bring them the week of the party, please tell us how you would like your child party set-up, We will set it up party decorations for you . We want you to be able to relax and have a good time. 


4. Question- When can I booked for a party?

Answer- Booked anytime over the phone or in person with a nonrefundable deposit. ( with a deposit your time and date will be added to schedule book. Deposit will be taken off your balance. Remaining of your balance is due at the end of party. If you would like to pay in full before party is totally fine.


5. Question- Do kids need to wear socks?

Answer- Of course, We would like for our little bouncers toes be safe from any harm. (Jack and Jill sell socks for $1)


6. Question- How old do they need to be to play Laser Tag?

Answer- At least 4 year old (with an adult) and up. Laser Tag is dark please make sure they are not scare of the dark. Laser Tag attendant is always present.